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VV: A Tale of Two Pedros

VV: A Tale of Two Pedros

Previewing a new retrospective of the films of Pedro Almodovar that will be making the rounds in theaters in the coming weeks, Michael Atkinson considers “The 2 Pedros” in an article for The Village Voice:

The best of Almodovar raises some questions — namely, which Almodovar? The Pedro gloriously festivaled and happily familiar now to middle-class filmgoers is an aging, camp-centric teddy bear, a man who has made transgender game-playing and comic vamping safe for the art-houses…The other Pedro is one of the most reckless, diabolically inventive voices to arise from, or at least alongside, the postpunk years of Reagan culture. (Of course, his real incubator was the oppressive Franco dictatorship)…

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