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what about new york?

what about new york?

heartnySM.jpgIn a guest column on The Reeler today, Brian Newman offers a perspective worth exploring further:

…many feel that we don’t have a place that is clearly identified as the New York film organization; where a filmmaker new to town can walk in the door and feel like they are connecting to the community. This would seem a bit odd in the supposed independent film (and cultural) capital of the world.

So, in the wake of AIVF shutting its doors, not so long after the shake-up at the IFPs, what will we do next? I worked with others to organize a productive private meeting discussing some of these issues, but it was such a small first step. I did try to persuade AIVF to hold a town meeting for their orphaned members to discuss the future, but they resisted. Brian Newman calls on other organizations to now step in and take the lead…

Brian, I will email you separately, but your points are on the mark… I propose that we set a meeting in a space that can accomodate not only representatives from those organizations, but concerned members of the NYC community who may wish to attend and participate. I am happy to help organize such a discussion if it can be productive and help accomplish the important goals you mention…

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Ingrid Kopp

I agree. I miss walking through the doors of the AIVF (even though it was crumbling when I walked through them!) and a strong community is so important when you’re battling away trying to make a film. I’d love to be involved.

Mark Rabinowitz

Count me in! I’d love to help set this up. It’s extraordinarily important to our community.

scott westphal-solary

I’m there. New York needs something with the AIVF gone and the ineptitude of the IFP.


This is not a shameless plug. I want to stay connected too! For New York filmmakers who love New York. Don’t leave!
Please try to catch the screening of my film about New York at the next Independents Nght/Walter Reade theatre. Oct 26 Have another meeting at the reception afterwards. This film is a meditaion on New York contemplated with many of New York’s famous writers, actors and immigrants.

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