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in telluride | “fur” and “little children”

in telluride | "fur" and "little children"

My goal in blogging from festivals is typically to offer a quick snapshot of the experience, in particular the movies. In the case of the two films I’ve seen so far today at the Telluride Film Festival (“Fur” and “Little Children”) , each will be considerably discussed — and perhaps even hotly debated — in the weeks leading up to their theatrical releases…

After tonight’s opening night feed on Colorado Ave., an overflow crowd packed the fest’s largest venue, The Palm, for the first-ever screening of Steven Shainberg‘s new film “Fur”, which carries the subtitle, An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. I certainly went in expecting something different…and left having witnessed something altogether unexpected. For now, I’ll call the film a strange and creepy love story, with whiffs of “Alice In Wonderland” and “Beauty and the Beast”…As I mentioned to Shainberg after leaving the screening tonight, I’ll have a number of questions for him when we sit down to talk about the movie in the morning. But for now, I don’t even know what those questions will be…

More straightforward in many respects, Todd Fields‘ “Little Children” is an engrossing story of life in suburban Massachusetts, evoking the tone of both “American Beauty” and “Happiness”, to name two relatively recent films that came to mind as I watched it. Anchored by a striking performance from Kate Winslet, the film drew consderable applause at a surprise screening this afternoon, yet hours later a number of attendees were still debating the movie. Having had a bit more time to digest this one, i’d label it as an intense, dark examination of contemporary American lives.

I’ll stop there, for now.

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When should we expect the writeup of your talk with Shainberg?


a good question Mel, i hate to rush to judgement on certain films, particularly ones that have so much going on…i am wary about offering a quick thumbs up or down here. but a day later, i think “Little Children” is exceptional and “Fur” is one of the more unique American movies this year. i need to see that one again, particularly after spending some time talking with the director this morning. i’ll be writing more about both movies soon… (watch for my telluride fest wrap up in indieWIRE on Monday night)


Happy to hear that Fur is really not a traditional biopic but something different and unusual. Looking forward to reading about your talk with Shainberg.


Can’t wait for both!

You obviously liked Little Children, and it appears the same for Fur, but I’m not sure. You didn’t say one way or the other.

Which is it?

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