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the cell phone call heard ’round the world…

the cell phone call heard 'round the world...

As someone who has been guilty of checking my Blackberry during a festival screening (even though I’d never actually answer it during a film)…I just can’t resist posting a bit of gossip that made it all the way back to the U.S. today, via a film festival head who sent me the following in an email message tonight:

Just heard that a major American fest director spends his time in screenings at Pusan text messaging people and even having conversations on the cell phone. Wonder if he would stand for that at his 11 day festival. Well actually I know a lot of it goes on there but shouldn’t we all be setting good examples?

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Mark Rabinowitz

Hmmmmm….who could that be!?


I think it would be a good idea for festivals to initiate “Blackberry day care” like at Ikea, where Blackberries get to play together in the ball room while mommy and daddy are busy watching movies. The simpler idea is a “Blackberry coat check” where everyone hands off their Blackberry to the valet at the door.

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