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a second life film fest?

a second life film fest?

SC_SLimg.jpgThinking about Sundance Channel‘s virtual premiere of “Four Eyed Monsters” Tuesday night (see related indieWIRE story) in its newly opened Second Life screening room online makes me wonder if there are any SL film festivals in the works (I mean, most cities with 2.5 million residents have one). Or has one already happened? (anyone, anyone…) I’d love to attend and cover an SL fest comprised of the usual curated screenings, hosted parties and panel discussions. You see where I am going with this…

Sundance Channel has been documenting the building of their whole SL island via a blog on their site and the F.E.M. folks offer insight and info on their screening on their own site.

I found previous visits to SL a bit overwhelming at first, but I’ve heard that its quite a place…in fact, a colleague recently told me about a friend who is so engaged in SL that she spends more time in her second life than in her real life…

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thanks arin,

i have a “first life” event to attend tonight in New York City, so I am gonna miss the F.E.M. screening on SL…hope it goes well.



Hey Eugene,
As far as I know, nobody has done anything like this, but I’m glad you brought it up because of course it’s a great idea. The electric sheep guys who are big into second life and have been developing there since the beginning told me there has never been a public screening of a film in second life before this. Only people who have illegally copied movies and showed them to friends in Second Life on their privately owned islands.

But in a way what sundance channel is doing is kind of like an SL film fest but it’s just that they’ll be showcasing films over time.

Also I wanted to mention. There are a lot of short videos shown in second life all the time many of which are created in second life using machinema which is the technique of screen recording Second Life to create a story. A very low budget way to produce videos but often times only appealing to SL enthusiasts. So real life movies both short and long form brought to second life is a great idea. But I recommend a sponsor cause all this streaming and technology stuff gets expensive.

Anyway, thats all for now,

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