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Sundance Roundup: From Best to Mediocre

Sundance Roundup: From Best to Mediocre

During five full days at Sundance (plus opening night), I saw a total of 18 movies. That’s an average of about three and half movies per day — not an obscene amount, but enough to feel I’d accomplished something without doing injustice to the movies themselves. I filed 10 reviews for indieWIRE (see links below) and five reports for the Wall Street Journal Online (I’ve never been so busy). Below is a list of my top movies, ranked most to least interesting. I can happily say I only saw one movie I’d call “bad”; I didn’t walk out of anything (though I intentionally steered clear of films that I thought I wouldn’t like, i.e. “Hounddog”).


Starting out in the Evening
“Manda Bhala”
“The Savages”
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
The Pool

Rocket Science
“Son of Rambow”
“Chicago 10”

“Year of the Dog”
On the Road with Judas
Never Forever
Grace is Gone” — if you’re curious, here is follow-up blog about my review here.

“The Night Buffalo”

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Don Franken

Anthony, sleepy this morning when I posted and forgot to mention Delirious which should be included, middle of the pack of the good Sundance movies because of Steve’s captivating performance here! Don

Don Franken

Dear Anthony, so many strong movies, but did not any movies that will change my life! Liked Once, Longford, then Black Snake Moan, and Padre Nuestro at the top of my list. Also, for the next tier, Joshua and Teeth. Lsst year Sherrybaby, and even Stephanie Daly moved my pulse and this year, just several good films, Don


you should’ve seen GREAT WORLD OF SOUND, man!

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