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“Day Night, Day Night,” Other indieWIRE Undistributed Faves Get Picked Up

"Day Night, Day Night," Other indieWIRE Undistributed Faves Get Picked Up

“Day Night Day Night,” Julia Lotkev’s intimate, engrossing portrait of a young female suicide bomber in New York, was acquired by IFC for its First Take simultaneous theatrical and VOD release program. Judging from the company’s upcoming 2007 slate, it looks as if the First Take crew has been trolling indieWIRE’s list of Best Undistributed films. In addition to “Day Night” (which appeared at #6 on indieWIRE’s list), the company also has set for this year releases of Alain Resnais’s “Private Fears in Public Places” (#5), as well as other listees such as Gerardo Naranjo’s “Drama/Mex,” Abel Ferrara’s “Mary,” Jean-Claude Brisseau’s “Exterminating Angels,” and Shane Meadows’ “This is England.”

A number of other worthwhile pictures from the list will also be seeing theater time. Guy Maddin’s “Brand Upon the Brain” (#14) will be released with the help of Tartan, Tian Zhuangzhuang’s “The Go Master” (#20) is getting a run at the Film Society of Lincoln Center next month, and “Wristcutters: A Love Story” is going out through After Dark Films.

Despite the good news, the top four films on the list — “Woman on the Beach,” “Still Life,” “Colossal Youth,” and “In Between Days” — to the best of my knowledge, remain in limbo. As one filmmaker recently told me, “It’s obviously a grim, depressing situation that a lot of the movies I’ve loved over the years probably wouldn’t be released today or have a tiny release. Hopefully, First Take will try to remedy that.”

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Ned Hinkle

actually, IFC First Take recently backtracked on The Wayward Cloud. I believe they have dropped it from their schedule.

But, hooray for Tartan for picking up Brand Upon The Brain!

Jed Rapfogel

I work at Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue) and just wanted to point out that we’ll be giving “The Wayward Cloud” a ten-day run starting on February 23rd. Not sure what IFC’s deal is with the film, but they won’t be having the NYC premiere run.

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