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“Zoo” Story: Robinson Devor’s Lyrical Must-See Theatrical Doc

"Zoo" Story: Robinson Devor's Lyrical Must-See Theatrical Doc

There are a select group of documentaries that should be seen on the big screen, and Robinson Devor’s “Zoo” is definitely one of them. Shot in sumptuous 16mm (while watching it feels like 35mm scope), “Zoo” opens today at the IFC Center and at the NuArt in L.A. next weekend and will hopefully be coming soon to a town near you. Here’s an excerpt from my review after the film’s Sundance premiere:

“Known as the “horse-fucking movie,” Robinson Devor’s lyrical nonfiction portrait “Zoo” is, on the contrary, one of the most beautiful films of the year, let alone at Sundance. Without a hint of sensationalism or condemnation, the movie explores the true story of a Boeing engineer who died in 2005 from a ruptured colon after being mounted by a Stallion. The “Enumclaw Horse Sex Incident,” as it was known, shocked residents and news commentators, and resulted in many a joke around the water cooler. But Devor steps back from the headlines to create a dreamy contemplation of man, nature and morality.”

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Joel Downs

I can’t believe that someone (Rob Devor) would tell the story of his movie “Zoo” in a positive light. The people that were meeting at this farm to have sex with animals were telling there story as though it was ok to do such a thing. Was it Mr. Devor’s intention to make people feel sorry for these men? And what about you Mr. Kaufman? Calling it one of the most beautiful films of the year? Dreamy contemplation of man? This goes to show how people today (mainly on the west coast) are trying there best to persuade people that alternative lifestyles ok and should be excepted by all. Personaly, I think you people have an extreme mental disorder and need help!

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