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in france | wounded camera

in france | wounded camera


My Canon PowerShot S80, which has served me well for about 2 years, is suddenly malfunctioning. Above is a recent image from the camera. While I will try to get it fixed back in the States, anyone have recommendation for the make/model of a new small digital camera that also shoots decent video clips?
[Photo by Eugene Hernandez]

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Mark Rabinowitz

My Canon Powershot SD400 has served me very well. It’s sturdy and takes a licking. The only problem is the audio on video of loud, rock n’ roll. Then again, it’s 2 years old, so the newer ones might be better.

m lieberman

Panasonic for sure! Go for a FX01 or FX07…video clips are exceptional, image quality remarkable.


I like this new technique you are experimenting with in your work. The way the colors sort of dreamily blend together, the simplistic use of circles, It creates a sort of serenity that is interrupted by the pesky orange hue lingering in the corner of the frame.

Sort of like life’s nagging bits of unpredictability that make it all quite agitating and interesting at the same time.

it is really quite nice.

When is your next show?


I like the Lumix, from Panasonic. It has very nice Leica lens. It shoots more than decent video clips with audio. It’s ideal for blogging, videoblogging and interviews.
Try it!

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