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overheard in brentwood…

overheard in brentwood...

During dinner tonight in Brentwood, I overheard a group of three guys at the next table talking about the iPhone. One guy said to his friends:

So, the iPhone…I am not really in any rush to get it. I thought I was. Maybe if it had a 40 gig hard drive…

Then they moved on to other topics…movies, girls, and getting old. One guy made some joke about what his life might be like when he got old. “Can you imagine being 38?!” he wondered, as his friends laughed.

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ShortEnd Magazine

Oddly enough, I’m not a huge fan of Overheard in New York, mainly because I feel that so many of the quips are city centric. And, Post Secret & Found only sometimes really compel me. What I do find interesting, however, is who hears, that you heard this, that you made this note, although to be fair you did talk about the iPhone earlier. That you noted it, that it stuck with you enough to write about, that’s what gets me. Cool deal.

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