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This Weekend’s Must-See: “Ten Canoes”

This Weekend's Must-See: "Ten Canoes"

Okay, I know you’re all going to see “Knocked Up” this weekend, but let me heartily recommend Rolf de Heer’s “Ten Canoes,” a far more original and visually stunning cinematic experience that is probably just as funny. It’s a shame in today’s increasingly competitive theatrical marketplace that a lush, inventive picture such as “Ten Canoes” is relegated to a mere footnote (or a “Tracking Shot,” as the Voice dubs their lesser-profile mini-reviews) in our film culture pages.

At Cannes last year, the film was one of my favorites — “one of the festival’s simple delights,” I wrote. “Told in voiceover by a joking storyteller (‘Walkabout’s’ David Gulpilil), the film leisurely chronicles a story of his ancestors, involving a young man who covets one of his father’s wives. In between, there are dazzling images of Australian swamplands, a healthy dose of laughter and a little bit of death. As Gulpilil’s narrator declares, evoking a sentiment that could apply to many of Cannes’s distinctive and alluring pleasures, ‘It’s a good story – not like your story – but a good story all the same.'”

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By the way, Voice did give [big] reviews to some tougher sell movies such as “I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone”, “Private Fears in Public Places”, “Poison Friends”. While some wide releases like “Mr. Brooks” got small review.

I think that if some reviews in Voice think that a movie deserve to have big review, they will give a big review to that movie, no matter how [tough sell] the movie is.

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