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Introducing the Dwights

Introducing the Dwights


A first impression of the titular family in Cherie Nowlan’s Introducing the Dwights (formerly known as “Clubland”) has one imagining the film will be a sunny, Aussie-style quirkfest in the vanilla vein of many a Sundance flick. When his new girlfriend, Jill (Emma Booth), asks about meeting the parents, hesitant protagonist Tim (Khan Chittenden) warns: “They’re entertainers.” Brenda Blethyn, as the mum, holds down the household with a day job at a canteen and moonlights as a bawdy stand-up comic, while an estranged father (Frank Holden) clings to his former glory as a one-hit wonder and maintains a living as a security guard topped off by the occasional singing gig at bingo games. How much more self-consciously zany can the set-up get? Oh yeah, cheeky, developmentally disabled Mark (Richard Wilson) rounds out the family four.

Click here to read the rest of Kristi Mitsuda’s review of Introducing the Dwights, and then be sure to read the comments from the asshole indiewire readers beneath, like “moviebuff,” who attacks the writer for not understanding working-class values and never experiencing young love. LOL. Oh yeah, and for not getting the quirky brilliance of Australian cinema. Gag. Oh, and for not seeing that this film stands for everything Hollywood doesn’t. Sure.

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