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Saving Int’l Art Cinema One Commission at a Time

Saving Int'l Art Cinema One Commission at a Time

Who funds art-films in a time of cultural decrepitude? You think Thai theaters are filled with “Syndromes and a Century”? Or that Tsai Ming-liang is a household name in Taiwan? Hardly. Though heralded as stars by the critical elite, far-flung artist-filmmakers from around the world struggle to finance their movies more than most. But as I chronicle in this in-depth indieWIRE story about New Crowned Hope, government-sponsored film commissions can make the difference between creative freedom and production limbo. As Thai maverick Apichatpong Weerasethakul told me, “These commissions are like water in the time of drought. I somehow think it is a conspiracy between these organizers to keep cinema alive in the time of Harry Potter.”

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Dave Kehr

I’ve been reading some on the web about the MPAA’s attempt to use its political clout to force South Korea to shut down its subsidy and quota programs. If that’s true, it’s an outrageous power play by Hollywood directed against the one producing country that might pose a threat to the studios in the planned domination of the Chinese market. You’re the man to figure this out and give us a good NYT story.



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