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SFC: “Gumby Dharma” Documentary looks at tumultuous life of Art Clokey

SFC: "Gumby Dharma" Documentary looks at tumultuous life of Art Clokey

In a world of Pixar and CGI, stop-motion clay animation can seem hopelessly retro. But watch Bay Area resident Art Clokey‘s creations–the iconic green Gumby and his trusty horse friend, Pokey–and the appeal is just as strong as when they were made. As Robina Marchesi‘s documentary “Gumby Dharma” shows, Clokey’s cheerful work came out of a difficult life. The filmmaker, who died in 2005 when the film was mostly done, conducted long interviews with the idiosyncratic Clokey, and her husband, Pixar animator Tim Hittle, contributed new Gumby works. Reyhan Harmanci reports.

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