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Freaks and Geeks 2

Freaks and Geeks 2

Care of the Superbad DVD, heres an extended clip of Pineapple Express. Its funny, but somewhat standard stoner humour that Smiley Face did just as well (though the “Gods vagina” line got me, I’ll admit).. However, a clip is just a clip, and this August 2008 offering has pedigree to die for: the follow up script to Superbad from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg; its directed by David Gordon Green of all people; James Franco-Seth Rogen Freaks and Geeks reunion.. Sir Apatow likely will continue his streak.

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I loved Freaks and Geeks! Rogen’s certainly making a name for himself…even if it’s based on stoner humour, which I’ll admit to enjoying from time to time (read: always).


I can’t wait!

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