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clinton fatigue

clinton fatigue

An industry friend who admits. “I need to have the courage of my convictions and our generation needs to make politics personal,” sent out the following email to friends over the weekend. Here it is, anonymously:

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Tommy Rector

Well said. My feelings exactly!


I don’t think I could ever disparage either President or Senator Clinton, but Senator Obama is a more likable, less controversial, unifying figure who can rally the kind of support necessary to win the election. If Democrats can’t bring themselves to nominate the more capable, electable leader (Obama) who is arguably holds more traditionally Democratic positions, they don’t deserve to win because not only will they not be true to their beliefs, they will perhaps have exhibited the very racial preferences that they’ve been working so hard to dissolve. If one looks at Obama and Clintons supporters, it seems that the Democratic party is populated by a lot of folks who would prefer to be represented by “one of their own”. Not very liberal or “Democratic” at all.

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