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SF Chronicle: Picturing Harvey Milk

SF Chronicle: Picturing Harvey Milk

Milk,” which stars Sean Penn as the groundbreaking gay politician, won’t be in theaters until some time next year. But the making of the film on the streets of San Francisco excavates a potent piece of the city’s history. Steven Winn reports.

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Jerry Pritikin

I knew both Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone as friends, and almost all the other people depicted in the movie except Dan White. There were many timeline and location mistakes, and scenes of events that never happened, however that being said, the movie introduced Harvey and that era in the early S.F. Gay Rights Movement to millions of people,gay and straight,young and old,here in America and around the world. For those interested is seeing what the real Castro was like, there is a great web-site dedicated to the evolution of the the changing neighborhood in the Eureka Valley into America's gay mecca. unlike the movie, it is not a recreation but real images by those pioneers like myself who called S.F. my home during that time. I was disappointed that my footnote in gay history did not take place as it really happened. On 6/7/77 that I gave the name Orange Tuesday… the Castro became the staging area of an impromptu march in response to the victory in Dade County Florida to overturn a gay rights ordinance, and where I shot my iconic image of Harvey Milk.

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