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That Be All

That Be All


Too drunk to write anything last night, too hungover this morning, and too busy this afternoon, I feel like I might have missed the post-Oscar blogging boat. I don’t really have anything to offer beyond what the overwhelming interweb offerings already have: Sasha Stone’s top-notch coverage on Awards Daily; Dave Carr at New York Times’ Carpetbagger; Kris Tapley‘s wrap up for Variety; and Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere, who offered “11 Oscar Observations,” most of which I wholeheartedly agree with, and you should check out as a make-up for my own shortcomings.

But briefly.. I enjoyed myself. Granted, I always do. But the winners were hardly something to complain about, especially considering history. I would have preferred Christie over Cotillard, but that might just be my Canadian bias wanting a big shout out to Ms. Polley. In all honesty, I havent been this happy with the acting winners in a very long while. Seriously, just look at that above photo: what a classy quartet. I was particularly happy about Tilda.. because a) I really, truly love her and b) I gambled $110 at 14-1 odds on her on some online gambling site and dragged my hungover ass through a bunch of stores today to spend a lot of my payout (you shouldn’t be responsible with gambling money, student loans be damned). Her speech was also my second favourite (after the Once duo, whose win – outside of personal material gains – was my highlight of the night.)

Jon Stewart was fine, the pace was great (though I actually never mind a long night), but overall I felt underwhelmed, not for any specific reason (except maybe the lame selection of presenters; safe fashions; and the presence of the Bee from Bee Movie). But that might just be the mass amount of expectation I personally put on this event every year. And my hostility toward it when its over because I have to go back to facing reality and not putting all my energy into excitement regarding a big gay night of oscar pools and wine and screaming at your television. And 20 hours after the fact, I’m feeling less negative about the night as a whole, and will probably look back on this fondly when next year rolls around.

Anyway… I’ll close off the season with the overwhelming and five-glasses-of-wine induced reaction shot of me and some pals when Tilda gets her gold and I get my dollars. Greed is good:

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