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The French Like Denis Leary

The French Like Denis Leary

So this might be slightly exploitative and not even very interesting, but with Sundance over, the Oscar race unheated and personal blogging fatigue, I’m scrambing..

Since I got back to Montreal I’ve had a peculiar edition to my existence: a new roommate, a Parisian 22 year old who has never been to North America, and came here to find work (I’m taking a risk that he somehow encounters this blog, but I think so far all he knows is that my name is Peter and I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly). Anyway.. in addition to unpostable details, Monsieur Cadillac welcomes my mornings with various shower renditions, and when yesterday I got a wild flashback to a song I hadn’t heard in at least a decade, I violated roommate confidentiality:

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That was priceless. Who else even remembers the words to that song?!

jared leto

that’s awesome. i can’t stop laughing.

but remind me to never be your roommate.

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