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‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Clip

'Where the Wild Things Are' Clip

Big thanks to Eugene Hernandez for bringing this to my attention: Buzznet somehow, in some way, found itself exclusively hosting a scene from Spike Jonze’s upcoming adaptation of the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are. It’s a crazy-cool clip, that kinda reminds me of the 1980’s Jim Henson live-action (non-Muppet) features. I will say, however, the voice of the “wild thing” in this clip sounds really rough and temp. I imagine this scene is super unpolished. Anyway, click here to see for yourself. The film won’t be released for many, many months.

UPDATED: As you may have noticed, the clip has since been taken down.

UPDATED AGAIN: AJ Schnack calls into question the entire authenticity of the clip.

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