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RESCUE ME returns (sort of)

RESCUE ME returns (sort of)

Flippin’ channels the other night and I happened to catch Dennis Leary on David Letterman. When the subject rolled around to FX’s brilliant series about post-9/11 NYC firefighters, RESCUE ME, Leary mentioned that as a result of the writers’ strike the full new season won’t air until next April (ouch!). But he also mentioned the concept of “mini-sodes” or mini-episodes which will be airing on FX soon, little 5 – 7 minute vignettes featuring characters in the show to tide us over. And sure enough, Tuesday night’s 10 PM broadcast of a new episode of Morgan Spurlock’s 30 DAYS will be preceded by the first of these RESCUE ME appetizers. I have no idea how many of these exist or how long they’ll be running prior to FX shows this summer (and Fall?), but this is good news indeed.


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