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Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike

With no phones, no Internet, from my father in Houston (where most of my family resides):

We’re doing fine. Power went down at 4am. We had HC winds for a few hours with some major gusts – a little unnerving with stuff (pine cones mostly) bouncing off the windows. Your grandparents and Chris are fine too although Chris apparently had a part of his fence fall. Moving forward we don’t know what the power situation will be – virtually everyone (4 MIL they say) are wthout power and many could be four weeks.

I have computer access via USB modem but power is a differnt matter. As you guys probably know from TV downtown is a bit of a mess – mostly because of wind – so commerce, and Chevron may slow to a crawl. Hope you guys are well. Love, Dad and Kristi

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