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election ’08: eight days | numbers

election '08: eight days | numbers


One week from tomorrow we’ll finally elect our new President. Reading the polls and listening to the TV analysis today, I was thinking a lot about two years ago when folks pondered the possibility of Obama becoming the nominee. Many on both sides of the aisle doubted that as a black man in America, Obama could go the distance. But look at the current projected electoral map (270 votes are needed to win).

Yes, it’s certainly too soon to declare victory, because there is still a lot of work to do. But, Obama’s success so far — the fact that there is so much blue on that map — is impressive and exciting. Commentators are ready to declare this campaign over, but this final week is really what it’s all about as the candidates make their final arguments.

Multiple times each day, when I see an Obama sign, a kid wearing a button, or a street vendor selling a t-shirt, and when I log onto Facebook and read about so many friends volunteering and working to support Obama in different ways, I ponder the possibility… It’s thrilling and moving.


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I think a landslide is probably an exaggeration, and I do think we’re far from safe yet (so anyone who’s been volunteering should keep doing so) but I also do think it’s looking good for Obama. The McCain/Palin ticket is scrambling, and it shows.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Sen. Obama has to say tonight during his half-hour TV spot. I don’t know if it’s a speech or an extended commercial filmed ahead of time or what. I assume the latter? At any rate, I hope he refutes some of the ridiculous claims and accusations that have been going around.


It is thrilling and moving. I’ve been doing campaign work, and I’m seeing 14, 15 year-old kids getting involved with the campaign. I thought I was one of the young ones at 23 — the very fact that this man has woken up that drive to change things for the better is amazing. I can’t wait.

Ranny Levy

ditto. I am glad to see my state, NM and the one I grew up in, MI both blue. Go blue!!


Gonna post about this but I thought I’d comment here too. I drove down to Central Maryland this weekend to visit my family and was shocked to drive around. At least eight out of every ten signs are for McCain/Palin. Having left the democratic confines of NYC and Woodstock and the Hamptons, I had an awful, sinking feeling that all of this talk of “landslide” and the polls and everything was all just a complete fabrication. My saner self thinks I’m wrong. It hopes so, at least.

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