Get on the Bus!

Get on the Bus!


I’m somewhere near Syracuse, New York in the midst of one of the most enjoyable bus experiences I’ve ever had (save for a horrible, horrible customs fiasco, but that shouldn’t technically be considered part of the bus’ experience). Greyhound has introduced a new line – the “Neon Bus” – that rides pretty much express from Toronto to New York. For the foreseeable future, tickets are sold at tiered prices, with the first batch being sold for $1, the next for $10, then $20, up to $85. I paid next to nothing for my ticket, and now I’m enjoying hour four of extra leg room, FREE wireless access, electrical outlets, and a overhead screening of The Dark Knight. Still four or five hours to New York, but I think it could probably be 28 more and I wouldn’t mind. Wireless, Batman, a bag full of Clif Bars, and various views of upstate New York scenery? This is my idea of paradise.

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Dr. Sophia

I really have enjoyed your blog. Found out about you from IndiWire. Who knows how we will all connect.


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