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Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace


The problem with probing each new Bond entry for sociological significance is that the series has always actively contributed to the tenor of its present moment rather than simply reflecting it, as all good capitalist enterprises should. Popular entertainment does not simply reflect tastes, it deliberately seeks to shape them; thus the current public’s supposed appetite for “darkness” and “edginess” derives at least as much from the determination of megabudget, market-swamping movies to provide those qualities in spades as from any palpable desires or fears on the part of the milling herd. We can be thankful at least that the Bond “mythology” has always been more a matter of gestures and rituals than the brooding, tortured “essence” at the heart of a certain other caped-n’-cowled franchise—our wish-fulfillment, product worship, and juvenile impulses need not be intruded upon by any pretensions to psychological, political, or philosophical depth.

So the unfortunate failure of Quantum of Solace certainly can’t be ascribed to an overdose of capital-s Seriousness, the Paul Haggis-ized shout-outs to rapacious corporate greed—embodied in the faux-environmentalist kingpin Dominic Greene, warping Mathieu Amalric’s endearingly froggy features into malevolent mode—undernourished Bolivian peons, and U.S. governmental connivance with dictators and terrorists notwithstanding. To paraphrase Stanley Kauffmann, such frills are just serious enough to be entertaining, not enough to be serious. Where the film fails is in a regrettable abandonment of the (ever more surprising in hindsight) narrative integrity of Casino Royale, and in a sidelining of the brawny enigma that that first “reboot” (bloody word. . .) took as its obsessive focus and fascination.

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dorkus blossom

you really think marc forster had much of a say for half of those scenes? james bond, inc., is a machine. it’s bigger than all of us!


A better title for this film would have been Quantum of Cluelessness. I don’t know where to start, except that I agree with all my heart with Andrew Tracy’s review. There’s an echo inside my head: “Why? WHY?” The choice of director is inexplicable. Casino Royale was in my opinion the greatest accomplishment a filmmaker undertaking a sequel/franchise film can aspire to: a courageous, inspired and unequivocal reboot. Out with the old, in with the new. If Casino Royale was a huge leap forward for Bond, Quantum of Solace is a step sideways followed by a step backwards. This film can’t decide what the hell it is. It does absolutely nothing for Bond. I will stop short of calling Quantum an unmitigated disaster. I am utterly dumbfounded to watch this film and realize that the people who made Quantum of Solace have no idea why Casino Royale was successful.


I dug the movie, but I agree with your complaints. I wrote my own review (using only MSPaint) here:

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