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What the fuck did Michaelle Jean just do?

Standing in the foyer of the House of Commons after Mr. Harper’s announcement, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said: “We must realize the enormity of what has happened here today. For the first time in the history of Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada is running away from the Parliament of Canada.”

Thanks for killing all my pending return-to-homeland-optimism, Ms. Jean. Why did I vote for you again? Oh wait.. I didn’t. No one did. The Queen appointed you. But somehow thanks to you, I’m returning to an ungoverned nation.

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I think I’m starting to agree with you. It was an initial, underslept reaction. I guess its only fair. I just let my excitement over the coalition get the best of me.


Plus, I met her and she’s lovely. I would bet a million bucks that this decision was the one of the most difficult ones she has ever made.


Peter, some things to keep in mind: Not one GG has ever refused a PM’s right to prorogue. And no coalition has ever been in power in Canada. She’s supposed to ensure that there’s a government that can govern Canada. So, she had two choices – follow precedent and allow a leader whose party won an election, but lacks the confidence of his party, time to gain that confidence or allow a leader whose party didn’t win the election and lacks the confidence of his party, the chance to form an unprecedented coalition government. You or me may not have made the same decision, but trust me, if the government is defeated in a confidence vote in January, she will pass the baton to the coalition.

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