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Mad Dog: Adam Resurrected

Mad Dog: Adam Resurrected


There’s no joy to be had in enumerating the shortcomings of Adam Resurrected, an ambitious and long gestating adaptation of a much-admired novel by Yoram Kaniuk. But in most respects the film just doesn’t click: tone stumbles and fumbles meaning, dialogue meanders above uneven visuals, and scenes herk and jerk, frustrating momentum. An arrhythmic quality might well evoke the literary source (which I have not read), but Paul Schrader’s feature is no better for it.

Perhaps this clunky construction could have been justified by an inspired lead performance. Blessed with supernatural psychic and physical abilities, but cursed with unbearable memories and severe emotional trauma, Adam Stein is the magnetic, sympathetic center of the story, attracting and confounding everyone in his midst. Though Jeff Goldblum would seem to be well cast as Stein — his charm and physicality have long been underappreciated in Hollywood — his misguided performance nevertheless crashes the film to the ground. Click here to read the rest of Eric Hynes’s review of Adam Resurrected.

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