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David Carr

David Carr

I was reading David Carr’s drug memoir, The Night of the Gun, on my flight to Sundance (thanks, Janet!) and I stopped for a moment because he’s around Park City this week. He’s around, covering the festival for The New York Times, and it got me wondering what it must be like to travel to places and see folks reading your memoir about your previous drug addiction? Must be a good thing to see people reading your words, but also undoubtedly awkward at times.

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Kevin Kelly

No doubt it’s weird on some level, like when I see Ron Jeremy in Los Angeles at the grocery store. I have no idea if that guy feels any shame, though.


I don’t think any reason for awkwardness – I think Carr is extremely proud of this book, as he should be. And so much of the story is owning and coming to understand his past, and his lucky, grueling climb out of it. My guess is if he saw it in your hands, he’d be just as proud as any author…, “ah, a book sale….”

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