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Down With Renee

Down With Renee

There was a time, at the beginning of this decade, when I enjoyed Renee Zelwegger. Nurse Betty, Bridget Jones’ Diary… maybe even Chicago (though that was a turning point). But times, and I know I’m not alone here, have changed.

A former co-worker (I was an extra on Cinderella Man, thanks to a casting agent seeing me studying for exams in a Toronto coffee shop and telling me I looked “like I was from the depression” – no joke. This led to one scene in the finished film where you can see me: shaved head, dirty face and dressed in a burlap sack, cheering on Russell Crowe’s character from the audience of the boxing ring), Ms. Z has made a few films I haven’t minded as whole since then (Down With Love), but her actual performances have never failed to irritate me beyond comprehension (probably the most in Cinderella Man, despite the bias that it was a collaboration). And last night at the Golden Globes, Renee chose a dress that perfectly embodied my thoughts on her and her recent performances: over-the-top, ill-advised and painful.

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Ghastly! I gasped when she came on camera at how bad this ensemble is. She probably could have pulled it off if it were a black piece under it. I loved her as Bridget Jones, but everything else…not so much. She’s become such a mannequin…so stiff and personality-less.


i liked it renee. screw them all. i would have liked the piece under to have been black too or a bright color, but i still liked it.


Well, at least one respondent here has the same poor taste. Or could be just blinded by their ‘I love Renee’ bias. But folks that dress looks terrible, she I wouldn’t go to dinner with her dressed like that. It would be cool though to sit at another table and ridicule her. This is the result of being surrounded by ‘yes’ people.


So true, so true. I looked at her in that dress and said, “What on earth was she thinking?” Is there no one close to this woman who could have told her how hideous she looked in it. At least she didn’t have to worry about some one else wearing the same thing!


Welcome to the club!

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