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Variety Confirms Cuts; 30 Let Go Today

Variety Confirms Cuts; 30 Let Go Today

“A Day of Layoffs, Across Industries and Continents” read a headline in the New York Times this afternoon on a day that saw the American economy lose some 62,000 jobs, according to the Times. The cuts were at a number of companies in various industries. Hitting close to home in the film business were significant cuts at Daily Variety, the entertainment industry’s leading trade publication.

Variety reported this afternoon:

Due to the economic downturn, some 30 staffers will be trimmed by Reed Business in Los Angeles. The staff reductions span corporate, editorial, sales and other personnel. Among the businesses involved are Daily Variety, 411, Video Business and Trade Show Week.

Neil Stiles, president and publisher of Variety, said, “We continue to have confidence in the long-term growth of our businesses, but the economic realities of the moment call for a degree of belt-tightening.”

Name writers for Variety are apparently among those leaving the trade paper, but the company did not confirm the individuals this afternoon.

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DAvien Littlefield

looking forward to Anne and Mike joining the snag family


This so shocking. Mike and Anne were SO integral to Variety, and I can’t imagine how this can be justified. Their festival coverage is sure to suffer as a result of this move.

Eugene Hernandez

Anne Thompson confirmed via her blog that she is among those leaving Variety. It’s a shocking cut and, in my opinion, a big mistake. But she will not only survive, but thrive.

Other folks, including good friend Mike Jones (a key figure at indieWIRE over the years), are among those who were also cut today. Another friend, Madelyn Hammond, left Variety on Friday. Sad and frustrating. Anne and Mike have done some really good work on the online side of Variety, while Madelyn guided the brand very well during her tenure on the marketing side.


If the list of names I’ve read online is accurate, they’ve made more than one gigantic mistake.

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