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joyce mcintyre

I would like a answer to the health ins, and medicationat towhat the poor average working peson is suppose to do as well as live and get by this has been in years making. The government and congress has sold America out to over sea and sent all our jobs there My husband became disable at the age of 38 and started at public work at the age of 12 at a service station. We own our on small personal business and can’t afford health ins. for 3 employes we did have bc/bs for years and was paying $800.00 a month for both of us at 65 we changed Ins. My husband chose the humana drug plan which was best for him as of My he went into the dough nut whole now it is out of our savings for retirement for we don’t draw enousg S S to [purchuse his drugs of almost $2000.00 a month the drug company and the government or someone is lining their pockets . Is it fare for us to go into retirement to buy drugs ? Thjere are all kinds of programs for the lazy person who won’t work and get free medicine while we buy it. There isn’t no help for poor people lokle us who work I put in 14 to 16 hr. a day until I retired with no help from the government Tryiong to get some to wrk for us no it will stop- my check I can’t work .Congress needs to pass bills for us and help the poor working class ofpeople like us I don’t want a free hand out but medicine is going to eat up our savings for older years My husband has threatened the Dr. he is going to stop his med thenhe is dead is it far?Put yourself in our shoes we are being punished for working and taking everything to pay health insurance and medicine. I pray dailt for America but we won’t be America much longer China will own us . Education is great but common sience goes much father. The young generation is to lazy to work and want a hand out and the family is gone Will God ever be brought back remember what our country was founded on How sad.
Trust I wil ge a respond and not alot of bull and promises that will never be met


Joyce McIntyre

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