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Random Wikipedia Fact #39

Random Wikipedia Fact #39

In response to yet another mind-boggling stint south of the border, I offer this basic Canadian geography lesson via wikipedia. On three different occasions while in California last week, I encountered people completely ignorant to their northern neighbour. Sure, they knew I should say “a-boot” and play hockey and listen to Celine Dion, but I did a call out to a group of 12 people at one point and only ONE knew that the Canadian capital was Ottawa (one offered “Alberta,” another “Quebec”). Others could not name any Canadian cities beyond the big three of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver (and some couldn’t even go there). And this was not the first time I’ve encountered this. Now, I understand Americans are not exposed to Canadian popular culture in the way we are of them. So it makes sense that they’d be at a disadvantage in terms of geography knowledge bases. So instead of hating, I’m educating:

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If you’re going to complain that people can’t come up with geographical details about Canada, you’d best avoid hypocrisy by not assuming such stereotypes about us Canadians, eh?

(yes, that was meant to be ironic)

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