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The Mac Wrap

The Mac Wrap

Available only in Canada since last week (it says something when your entire country is considered “a test market”), I defied my personal ban on eating McDonalds and threw out $1.89 to explore what I’d suggest is the most exciting thing to happen to fast food in years, The Big Mac Wrap:

I grew up on McDonalds, as easily proven by man-boob heavy photos from the late 1990s. And the Big Mac Meal was always my trademark. Once when I was 16 – during a week of 2 For $2 Big Macs – I ate 26 Big Macs in 7 days.

But in the interest of not becoming obese and/or dying of a heart attack at 27, I gave up McDonalds altogether two years ago.

However, news of the Mac Wrap drunkenly led me to a McDonalds late last week, and I was not disappointed. Cheaper and lighter (350 calories vs. the Big Mac’s 540 calories), the Mac Wrap is an ingenious way for McDonalds to reinvent its classic. I almost turned back and ordered a second, but (barely) resisted. So I hope that, the marketing geniuses over at McDonalds haven’t just figured out a way for me to keep breaking my promise over and over again.

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