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Fox Fires Friedman for Reviewing Pirated Wolverine

Fox Fires Friedman for Reviewing Pirated Wolverine


What was Fox News 411 columnist Roger Friedman thinking? It’s hard to fathom what was going on in his mind when he downloaded the pirated early edit of Fox’s Wolverine and reviewed it. He was out of line on several fronts, along with being just plain self-destructive. Yes, he was showing how easy it was to view a bootleg movie online. But you don’t go ahead and review an early version of a movie that is a big-budget summer tentpole–from his employer. Well, not surprisingly, Fox has let the freelancer go, reports Nikki Finke. UPDATE: Over the weekend, Friedman told Variety he was still employed, but the separation was official after a Monday confab. The studio has been one of the most ardently anti-piratical of all the majors.

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