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Retrospectives Coming Soon to the Reverse Shot Cinematheque

Retrospectives Coming Soon to the Reverse Shot Cinematheque

Programmed by filmenthusiast2000, seanmcavoy, eshman, mjr, robbiefreeling, bugs meaney, and clarencecarter

May 1-15: Theater Full of Part-Time Film Critics: The Reverent Kino-Eye of Hou Hsiao-hsien

May 16-25: Ugly Buildings, Whores, and Shamelessly Posturing Downtown Trash: The Cinema of Jim Jarmusch

May 26-30: Jean-Pierre Melville: Crime Dramas So “Precise” and “Immaculate” You’ll Be Wishing for Midnight Run

June 2-17: Ooh Look At That Shiny Thing Over There, Wait There’s Another One: The Worlds of Danny Boyle

June 18-July 10: Try to Remember Which Movie Was Which in a Month: An Ozu Chrestomathy

July 12-14: Reefer Madness: A Weekend with Terrence Malick

July 15, special event: There Will Be Blood: Haskell Wexler and David Carradine Discuss Bound for Glory

July 20-29: From Kinky to Stinky: The Career Trajectory of Jonathan Demme

August 4-29: Theater Full of Disgusting People: A Bunch of Old Crime Movies at Film Forum

August 30- September 2: Everybody’s Stupid and I Hate Them, Hate Them, Hate Them: The Mature Visions of Todd Solondz

September 3-4: But I Don’t Want To :'( — You’ll Watch These Jason Statham Movies and LIKE THEM!

September 5-14: Hop In and I’ll Get You Some New Air Jordans and We’ll Grab Pizza!: Victor Salva, Filmmaker

September 16-20: Because It Is Bitter and Because It Is My Heart: The Apocalyptic Phantasms of McG

September 21-30: I Don’t Know What the Hell I’m Talking About: The First Draft cinema of Woody Allen

October 1-11: Not Nearly as Funny as You Remember: Mel Brooks’s Stuff

October 15-31: Oshima and Imamura: Wow, Postwar Japan Sure Looked Like a Degraded Fucked-Up Shithole, eh?

November 1-15: What’s this Pile of Rusty, Vinegar-y Canisters in the Archive Basement?: Hans-Jürgen Syberberg Rides Again

November 16-20: But She Was Kinda Cute: The Documentaries of Leni Riefenstahl

November 22-30: The CD-ROMS of Chris Marker

December 1-10: Expensive Naps: The Weerasethakul Oeuvre

December 11-14: Meh: Half a Decade of Mumblecore

December 15-22: Still an Asshole: Godard at 80

December 24-31: Eye-Searingly Unwatchable: A Festival of Student Works by Reverse Shot Contributors

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I would ACTUALLY SEE The CD-ROMs of Chris Marker. I have been wanting to see Level 5 for quite some time.

For those temporarily confused about the Bound for Glory thing, this may illuminate:


“Do You Feel Implicated? Ah Say-ad… DO YOU FEEEEEEEEL IMPLICATED, NYC?!?!?!” – The gracelessly chiding cinema of Michael Haneke


Furtive Glances Towards the Seat I Saved For Dad: the Cinema of Steven Spielberg

Robert Altman: AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!

Considering the Masturauteur: French New Wave’s navel-gazing cinema of the self

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ YOU: Uwe Boll has more money than you and doesn’t give a shit about anything

“Why Don’t You Bring Your Brother Along Too?”: Remembering Chris Penn

If It’s the Fucking Cops…: A Journey into the private life of Jess Friedman (curated by Jess Friedman)

How Do You Call ‘Cut’ in Hungarian?: something something Bela Tarr


what’s with this present bent of self-parody at RS? Masochists. When’s the next retrospective proper? P.T. Anderson and the critical establishment’s forever transforming and self-justifying discourse therein…ABCs of Auteurdom.


genre filmmaking’s mutilated corpse, turned onto its left side to quell the bleeding, at which point roger deakins (or whoever…)fixes a camera on it and the dying man is forced to tell vaudeville jokes.
Consequences and the Brothers Coen


The World’s Longest Cadbury Commercials: The Cinema of Roy Andersson

You Deserve to Have Your Face Smeared with Shit: Ulrich Seidl and Millenial Austria

He’s Not Much, But He’s The Best We Have to Offer Right Now: Shane Meadows and the Non-Existence of Vital Cinema in England.

Stop Calling Me Arnie: Keith Gordon, Heir to Kubrick

I Said Suck My Cock You Fucking Little Bitch: Gaspar Noe and The New French Cinema of Romance

Night Terrors for Kids Whose Parents Want to Drag Out the Child Custody Hearings for an Entire Decade: Ralph Bakshi, The Anti-Disney

Creeps and Ghouls: Brad Dourif and the Case for a Forgotten 80s Auteur

Every Wedding Should End with a Gangbang of the Bride: Nic Roeg’s Theresa Russell


These are all great and I would attend any of them.

To answer jcshumate’s question, a new symposium is (finally) going up in the next week or so, so stick around. It was a difficult birth. Hopefully after that they’ll come at a quicker clip.

And to answer the prior question, yes, we hate ourselves. Flagellate!!


“Je ne Peux Plus Sentir Mon Derrière”: The Butt Numbing Mastery of Philippe Garel

Alle-Gory: What All these Fucking Zombie Movies Can Tell Us About Our World.

Straub/Huiliet: We Fucking Dare You.

It Takes a Village: Reverse Shot Overrates M. Night Shyamalan

Feminism is Where We Find It: a Roundtable Conversation with Quentin Tarantino and Brian De Palma

Magical Mystery Auteur: We Take the Director’s Name Off the Film, You Try and Figure Out Whether You You Love it Or Hate It (Curated by Armond White)

“Really?”: Making the Case for James Gray

Merry Christmas and Happy Haneke! (Winter ’09 Retrospective)

by the way, gokinsmen: the Lynch one made me laugh for about three solid minutes. so thank you.


You Guys Like The Kinks, Right?: The Films-cum-Music Montages of Wes Anderson

James Benning Literally Watches Paint Dry: A Ten Part Series

A David Lynch Retrospective…Or Is It?

Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Stop Calling Me “Joe” You Imperialist F*cks


I wonder which one the people in the picture are at. I like to think it’s The CD-ROMS of Chris Marker.

Mark Asch

Unnecessary ZOOOOOM!: The Ramblings of Robert Altman

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