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AmPav Notebook: Francis Ford Coppola

AmPav Notebook: Francis Ford Coppola

by Jean-Pierre Busche
The 70-year-old directing legend Francis Ford Coppola spoke to a packed Roger Ebert Conference Center for a intimate conversation on his process. Some notes gleamed from the hour-long talk:

— After an enthusiastic welcome by the audience, he joked that he is “currently living up past failures.”

— The director reminded moderator Scott Foundas that “Apocalypse Now” — Coppola’s follow-up to “The Godfather” — did not receive good reviews initially. Nevertheless, it was appreciated over time and is much more appreciated today.

— Coppola emphasized the importance of quality and innovation over budget, a notion well received by the audience: “The smaller the budget, the higher the ambition, the bigger the budget the more stupid the movie is. Films nowadays are just made for money”

— A big inspiration in Coppola’s life was his older brother who advised him on good literature when he was a child, including Jean-Paul Sartre and Huxley’s Brave New World as examples.

— In remembering some of his studio work, Coppola said that tried very hard to not feel like a prostitute. “I tried to find something to love in everything I did for them. Like “Peggy Sue Got Married.” I read that and said ‘Okay, it’s sweet, like ‘Our Town.'”

— Coppola’s advice for film students — “If you’re making movies out of passion, you need a dayjob.” His best time to write? “I like working in the morning, when no one has hurt my feelings yet.”

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