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Antichrist: Follow-up

Antichrist: Follow-up

With “Antichrist,” Lars Von Trier fully lives up to his reputation as an outrageous provocateur and master image-maker…

The rest of the review is now up at indieWIRE here. Passing critical judgement on any movie within the first hour of watching it is difficult enough; but when you’re dealing with Von Trier’s latest clusterfuck, it’s probably near impossible. While I believe a number of my initial reactions are right, I also think a second viewing is absolutely necessary to make an accurate assessment. For example, my review doesn’t adequately confront some of the film’s central concerns with women–or more specifically, anxieties about female sexuality as well as female suffering–i.e. “Gynocide.” Is Von Trier trying to cover his misogynistic ass by overlaying the story of violent feminity with an undercurrent about how woman have been victims through the centuries? I’ll be curious to hear what woman reviewers have to say about the film… Manohla Dargis, Amy Taubin, I await your sound judgement.

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