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“Toy Story 3” Teaser!

"Toy Story 3" Teaser!

Pixar debuted Toy Story a few weeks before my 12th birthday. I clearly remember watching it four times in the movie theater, and then secretly pretending I saw the sequel just as many times because my then-seven year old sister had begged me to, when it fact it was the other way around. Given Pixar’s truly remarkable track record, I have no doubt I’ll find a way to do the same next summer with this one. This teaser (truly, there’s no actual scenes from the film) comes care of “Up”‘s release today, which – not to lay my Pixar love on super thick – I am eagerly anticipating as both the highlight of my weekend and one of the cinematic highlights of my 2009.

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Is it possible to send you a private message or email? lol not that i want to get dirty or anything, but maybe say something not really related to any of the posts…


I seriously cannot wait, I remember seeing Toy Story for the first time in my small town theatre, which back then didn’t even have dolby digital. and specifically being amazed at the leaves on the trees! I am really looking forward to Up, if only because I’ve yet to see a Pixar film that hasn’t been absolutely incredible (I haven’t seen Cars… lol) so that statement is valid!

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