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Why Isn’t Winona Ryder In More Of “Star Trek”?

Why Isn't Winona Ryder In More Of "Star Trek"?

I was kinda psyched that Winona Ryder – my long, lost celebrity love – might have a few meaty scenes in the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. She had a brief part in the trailer (glimpsed giving birth to Spock), and her name is billed on the poster. I figured that spelled at least a small supporting role. But as Movieline notes, it ain’t nothing more than a cameo, and that her scene from the trailer has been cut! Of the scenes that remain, Movieline says that “Ryder has dialogue in exactly one of them and is aged up twenty years in both.” What’s more, they said that “Ryder’s first appearance was met with stone-cold silence” in the screening they attended and that it’s “it’s mystifying why Ryder has been cast in a role that could have been done by a more age-appropriate actor — and one without Ryder’s unique, extracurricular star baggage.”

I’m starting to give up hope that Wino will be forever after all.

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Yeah she’s in two scenes the first is the only speaking part and in the second she… well it’s established that she is not coming back for the rest of the movie. The scene where she gives birth is not in the movie and neither is the one depicted above. I really don’t understand why she’s even billed and I made a comment to that effect at the end of the movie.

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