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After a generally smooth Glasgow->London->Amsterdam flight, I arrived at the Amsterdam airport to find that my ENTIRE flight’s luggage had been lost. Hours of baggage claim lineup later, I made my way into the city with no clothes, toiletries, books. And though it’s remarkably hard to be angry in this city with its gorgeous scenery, fun-loving atmosphere and consistent pot smell… I’ve been finding it hard not to focus on the negative. It seems that there was a bit of a nightmare at Heathrow yesterday, just as I was leaving it. A malfunctioning luggage conveyor belt caused thousands of bags to go missing, and hundreds of flights to get delayed. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I got out of there before the madness, but I’m starting to smell and clothes are expensive here. Workers also warned that the new chaos had left a backlog of bags which could take several days to clear. I was on hold with British Airways for 2 hours today before giving up, and I don’t have a phone number to give them. Fun.

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hang in there..

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