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death of the daily :(

death of the daily :(

Today’s news that David Hudson’s essential film blog is shutting down is a terrible blow for film culture.

Inside word was that the traffic for the site wasn’t up to IFC TV’s expectations. Well, I haven’t said this to any of my friends over there, but why can’t corporate sibling IFC Films take it on? It would be a great asset for their (eventual) new site and a wonderful way to harness attention not only for their own films but to provide crucial insights within the broader context of international cinema. Argh, a guy can dream…

David Hudson, first at GreenCine and then briefly at IFC, was simply the best filter of news, perspectives and insights on cinema. No questions asked. And, he vows to return:

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing what I do; I’ve been dreaming up a new format and, if all goes according to plan, it’ll be rolling out slowly in two phases at an entity that’ll be named when that entity’s good and ready.

I hope he keeps that promise.

In the meantime, what can or should be done to try and fill the gap??

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Justified Ancients

To write that Hudson “was simply the best filter of news, perspectives and insights on cinema” is total crap. Any idiot could have done what Hudson did at IFC (and now continues at Auteurs). He plugs his friends and links to sources a la the NY Times that people would already be reading on their own anyway. A gorilla trained to insert hyperlinks could have done roughly about as well as the high and mighty Dave Hudson.


What?! I am shocked. David Hudson’s blogging is an incredible resource and I thought everyone else in the film world felt the same way…


we are talking about this right now and are going to try to do something to pick up the slack in some small way. it won’t be the same, but we are trying to figure out how we could provide some sort of daily, aggregated snapshot of what’s happening in cinema. starting tomorrow.

this is important.

Jerry Lentz

This saddens me to no end! I hope someone picks it up quick. It seems to me that there were some navigation problems on the IFC page when it first started, where to post a comment, setting up an account… Things that those of us used to the style GreenCine’s site had to get accustom to.

David’s work is the first site I see in the morning, Eugene is next of course, but this absence of The Daily will throw me off.

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