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“(500) Days” Heading To $900 Ks

"(500) Days" Heading To $900 Ks

Fox Searchlight looks like it might have a big indie hit in Marc Webb’s “(500) Days Of Summer.” The Zooey Deschanel-Joseph Gordon-Levitt romantic comedy nearly cracked the top ten films at Friday’s daily box office, according to estimates. On only 27 screens, “Days” grossed an estimated $260,000. That could translate to a final weekend gross in the range of $850,000-$950,000, giving it an average of around $30,000. Only four 2009 films – “Away We Go,” “Sunshine Cleaning,” “Whatever Works” and “The Hurt Locker” – have opened to an average of $30,000 or more. However, all four of those films opened with a single-digit screen count. “(500) Days”‘s relatively wide 27 screen opening makes its numbers impressive.

Check back with indieWIRE tomorrow afternoon for a full report on this weekend’s box office.

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Tird Ferguson

No surprise? For this piece of garbage? I thought I’d surprise my wife for Valentine’s Day, and downloaded the movie to watch over the weekend.

It was SO BAD, she’s threatening to divorce me! We thought this would be a cute romantic comedy. I watch it, and then I’m reminded of every wacked-out, weirdo, mental-patient chick I ever dated! (This means YOU Mary and Kate!)

BOY I needed the Viagara to get the job done after THIS movie! UGH!


no surprise

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