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Michael Jackson Had a Memorial Service?

Michael Jackson Had a Memorial Service?

I kid. I knew it was going on. But you certainly wouldn’t know it here in Karlovy Vary. I saw later in the day online that it had happened, but hadn’t heard or seen any inkling of it amidst the festival crowd. Strangely enough, though, right across the street from my hotel, was Michael Jackson’s longtime producer Quincy Jones, looking in good spirits as he helped Czech model Helena Houdová celebrate her Sunflower Foundation. I don’t mean to be judgy, but Mr. Jones… Isn’t that a bit of a D-List excuse to miss out on MJ’s big day?

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I so agree, honestly I think this hole thing is a hoax and Michael faked his death. Because none of the family even looked slightly upset. His death has been one lie after the other. Nothing that they say on the news is true and actually adds up?? Michael Jackson is still alive and in hiding. I dont blame him. His life was one big media circus. “Poor thing”!!!


Allegedly Quincy Jones felt that Michael Jackson’s memorial service was a disgrace to MJs name, and refused to go. WHAT?

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