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Avatar Trailer Update

Avatar Trailer Update

Thompson on Hollywood

The response to the Avatar teaser trailer that Fox released Thursday was mixed.

Take Spoutblog for example, which posted ten movies that Avatar resembles, from Hellboy to Willow. Movieline dredges up the disastrous Delgo. Please! You might as well bring up the long-ago-and-far-away Jar Jar Binks. It’s absurd, to compare a Nav’i warrior to Legolas in LOTR. Others are bringing up another fantasy world flop, Ferngully. Most of these stories are about traffic-chasing on a slow day. Avatar is tracking interest, which is a good thing.

But this does raise a marketing strategy question. The online trailer–even in HD–doesn’t provide the immersive 3-D experience that the 3-D IMAX footage will give audiences on Friday’s Avatar Day.

The question is whether Cameron and Fox might have been better off withholding some of the images of the Na’vi–the totally computer-graphic elements of the equation–until they could be viewed in context.

I was so wowed by the Comic-Con 3-D footage that I am confident that online naysayers will be singing a different tune after they see the Avatar 16 minutes.

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I held out from watching the teaser trailer until after I’d been to the preview. I’m glad I did – the 2D teaser looks like an interesting movie, but the 3D footage is an absolutely incredible experience. There is no comparison between the two. You will want to see this movie in 3D, and word of mouth from the previews will guarantee this gets a record-breaking opening weekend.

Anne Thompson

The trailer is still up and accessible at Apple. That’s where Fox wants it to be, ideally viewed in HD! Cameron was likely not happy with the French trailer being embedded at Trailer Addicts, and tried to eliminate the less then highest quality embedded versions.


Then again maybe Fox pulled the trailer it before the blah word-of-mouth created further damage


Hopefully the longer preview looks a lot better, this trailer looks very uninspired. In retrospect, Titanic to my mind does not play very well anymore.


HEY! Fox just now has pulled the trailer from all websites. What gives???

I get it. It’s all just a big tease. Those lucky enough to have seen it will rave to their friends about it who missed it to create more pent up demand for the film. Very crafty those Fox guys. Or rather I should say it was probably all Cameron’s idea.


@Alan Green, yes – the color palette makes it feel “flat” … disappointed (for now)

Alan Green

the motion-capture pastel blue guys do look pretty cartoony. may look better in 3-d. if so word-of-mouth may give avatar needed b.o. if not, word-of-mouth may hurt this one

still, i think the kids will go crazy for it at least for the first couple weekends


Sorry, I’m among those totally underwheled by the trailer. Maybe when I actually see the entire film I’ll be singing a diffrent tune for for now…meh

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