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Avatar Week: Photo Gallery

Avatar Week: Photo Gallery

Thompson on Hollywood

I’m obsessed with Avatar. (The movies of James Cameron are moving inexorably up my flickchart.) The question for me is whether Cameron’s ambitious mix of 3-D live-action and performance capture –which cost Fox way more than $200 million– breaks out beyond the Comic-Con faithful. It feels very sci-fi thriller, which is fine for District 9. But Cameron knows how to reach a wide audience. Avatar is also a romance set on the exotic planet Pandora.

This week I registered at to see the 16 minutes of footage Friday (I’m on for 6 PM at the AMC– I think–multiple error emails make me nervous). And this morning the trailer went up on And Film School Rejects has new photos (above and on the jump). I was wowed by the Comic-Con footage; this trailer shows us an epic-scale world. Pretty impressive. What do you think?

Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson on Hollywood

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Sheldon, what’s SM1 WW?


NYC Crowds were roaring,and even sweating after seeing how realistic and earth shatteringly involving this new breakthrough in 3D and visuals Avatar boasts really is.

I had to see Avatar Day in 3 views with 10 friends to believe this thing.. Its going to be incredible, I will only be watching this movie in digital 3D. I may catch a 2D showing, just to compare the differences.
Everyone was cheering and seeing the teaser trailer on any screen less than 20-30 inches and without HD, is not showing how beautifully realistic Avatar is.. Heck its like 10 times more incredible than the first Trex scene in the true version Cameron wants us all to see.

Avatars dimensional 3D and new breakthrough in sound and camera angles etc, is going to changes things.. And I suspect this one could make more than SM1 WW.

Can’t wait for Decemeber 18th!

Crow T Robot

Cameron’s greatest strength as a storyteller is his sense of structure. All of his movies lead up the the third act brilliantly and then pack a big punch.

That’s what I’m looking forward to most here.


This AVATAR trailer looks pretty dull and generic to me. I’ve seen a million Japanese animated sci-fi productions that are lot more impressively designed. After all the hype, we get these blue-skinned creatures who look like something out of a CGI cartoon. This is state-of-the-art? I have a bad feeling about this…

Ryan Sartor

Perhaps my expectations could never have been met. However, watching the trailer, I never believed these blue avatars were anything other than CGI creations. I think “Where The Wild Things Are” appears a lot more believable than this. Although, I will definitely see it in December. I hope I am very wrong.

Alan Green

would not call this sci-fi thriller. i’d go with epic romance/action/shoot-em-up. as far as the emotional pull it’s titanicesque (not district 9-ish) on another planet with lots of gunships and fighting against…something. there are sci-fi action elements but i think cameron is going for romance a la titanic (albeit on another planet with strange beings and gunships fighting…something).

$200 million is a lot but december release should secure profit for this one. there will be a huge market for avatar on tv/cable/dvd/etc


Seeing the teaser I think it looks a little bit like Luc Besson’s Artur et les Minimoys… but I guess it will blow you away in 3D, so I already know what I’ll do December 17th. I just hope it’s more about impossible blue love and not about evil dinosaurs in the bushes.


Looks really beautiful. Cameron has created an expert tease. There is clearly an involving storyline at the heart of this, when Worthington smiles at the avatar in the tube there is clearly a sense of wonder.

Great music too, perfect, mythic.

Cameron operates on a completely different level from Michael Bay, JJ Abrams and McG. A completely different stratosphere. Cameron puts his heart and soul into all his films. I can;t wait to see the final results.

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