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Cameron’s Blue Avatar, Swinton Hauls Movies, Moore Traverses Fest, Ebert’s Best Movies

Cameron's Blue Avatar, Swinton Hauls Movies, Moore Traverses Fest, Ebert's Best Movies

Thompson on Hollywood

James Cameron’s new poster for Avatar is an extreme close-up of a blue Nav’i alien from the Planet Pandora. It’s an arresting image that makes you stop and pay attention. Cameron wants you to know he’s taking you somewhere you’ve never been before. Jeff Wells hates this poster. There’s plenty of time between now and December 18 for the Fox marketers to figure out their message. I suspect that one reason they’re showing the 15 minutes in IMAX theaters on August 21 is that they know showing the film is their best approach.

Tilda Swinton is very tall. When they cast her as the White Witch in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, she was perfect: Amazonian, athletic, high-boned and powerful. So now she’s hauling a movie theater around Scotland, a follow-up to her film festival last year.

Thompson on Hollywood

A slimmed down Michael Moore winds up the Traverse City film festival–without showing his new doc bound for Toronto, Capitalism: A Love Story.

Roger Ebert obsesses on my guilty pleasure, best movie lists– and hundreds of commenters do the same.

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Looks like anime. Which is fine for those of us who like anime, but not for the average moviegoer. “What is this, some kind of Pokemon crap?”

Alan Green

i don’t get wells’ point about the avatar poster. i like it. it is different, makes you stop. my only crit is there is too little negative space on left side. title should be shifted to the left a bit. otherwise, cool, compelling, makes me want to see more

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