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Disney/Marvel Reaction Around Web

Disney/Marvel Reaction Around Web

Thompson on Hollywood

The reaction around the web to the news that Disney is buying Marvel for $4 billion was swift–and mixed. Here’s a sampling of reporting and culled Tweets:

Cinema Blend offers five reasons not to freak out over the Disney/Marvel deal.

Spoutblog offers the Disney/Marvel crossover films they’d like to see.

Total Film.

David Poland’s The Hot Blog.

Slashfilm reports on the investor call.

Rope of Silicon.

UPDATE: Newsweek’s Johnny Roberts analyzes why Disney sought to acquire Marvel.

The LAT’s Joe Flint doesn’t expect another round of mergers and acquisitions after this Marvel/Disney deal.


Has anyone yet made a joke about how now maybe we’ll be able to buy Tony Stark’s portable bar at Disneyland? Because, yes please.

Will Pixar make a Marvel movie?

Why buy Marvel when all the properties anyone beyond Marvel fanboys have heard of are already gone? So Pixar can give us “She-Hulk”?

Disney buys Marvel? Looks like that Iron Man / Pirates of the Caribbean crossover idea isn’t so far fetched!

OK, here’s a game: Name the Marvel characters that the average American would recognize by face, name, costume, or source material.

I love how Marvel claims to own 5,000 characters, but the average person knows like … 24 of ’em.

Anybody know if the Inhumans are in the Fox FANTASTIC FOUR package?

Marvel has a number of great horror properties

Disney-Marvel Crossover: I’m looking forward to Wall-E Meets Herbie the Robot

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everybody needs to get over the whole crossover issue from the very beginning. all of the ideas so for are stupid. the iron man/pirates being so far the dumbest. the only way a crossover would really work is in a video game ala KINGDOM HEARTS. otherwise its just a weak attempt to cash in on well known histories. i love disney and i love marvel but the respective universes should not be blended. at least not in comics or movies. having said that i think this change could be good for marvel at least when it comes to animation. for years ive felt marvels comics were vastly superior to dc inthe background dept. as in the characters look like theyre in a real place. dc detail has always lacked. but when u look at the cartoons that have been made in the last 30 years its the exact opposite. ever since spiderman and the hulk left sat. morn cartoons in the early 80’s all of marvel’s animated properties have been cookie cutter shit. even today. especially with the influence of that god awful manga inspired crap. the latest ironman sucks as does the current wolvie xmen toon. granted supes have always been muscular to a fault but having three hundred pound torsos and 10 pound legs is shitty. big deal so they can draw. doesnt mean theyre good at it . hire someone that should be doing it for a living and fire all the japanese fanboys. nuff said?

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