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District 9: Oscar Contender?

District 9: Oscar Contender?

Thompson on Hollywood

District 9 is a great movie that deserves every kudo and by all accounts played great for the Academy the other night.

People are banging the Oscar drums, even my old boss Peter Bart. But I can’t imagine District 9 landing in the top ten. It’s an alien sci-fi thriller with a serious ick factor. As an example, Silence of the Lambs boasted established director Jonathan Demme and top-notch performances from Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster.

District 9 should gets some technical nods, absolutely. But the real member of the Oscar club is producer Peter Jackson. Director Neill Blomkamp is new, as are co-writer Terri Tatchell and rookie producer-turned-actor Sharlto Copley. Cinematography, VFX, editing and sound are the noms the film could win, deservedly. I know it has a serious theme, and the critics will go nuts at the end of the year, lots of ten best lists. But the old folks in the Academy? I don’t think so. Women? Nope. That said, would I have ever guessed that Crash would win best picture? Not a chance.

If I was a member I’d vote for it. But many of the folks in the executive and publicity branches, especially, tend to vote more mainstream. And will the actors vote for this? This movie is shot doc-style with lots of improv. It isn’t what they tend to go for. They should. But they tend to vote for their own.

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@Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist
By your name, I can see you have your political ideals already set. You sense of humour is pretty dull, absent minded, and frankly retarded… from an intellectual sense.

It is the closed mind of people such as you which keep a great, original film like District 9 from winning any awards. Your ‘small mouth noises’ are an affliction on society. In my view, your point is merely putting out the idea that ‘racism’ is possible in this movie.
However, if you had any artistic sense, you wouldn’t look at it that way. You see what you are missing? No? Darn.
How come you don’t realize that? Oh, because you have an ego problem. It’s a very easy solution to fix, but I don’t think you’d have the balls to consider it.


District 9 is meant to be an apartheid/xenophobic metaphor.
As a South African it is great to see movies coming out that aren’t afraid to delve into sticky issues. It’s sad that people unkowingly label them as racist.

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist

Great movie, but there’s a lot of outcry over how racist District 9 is toward Africans. Quite frankly, I can see what they mean.

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