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Hollywood Goes Yellow

Hollywood Goes Yellow

Thompson on Hollywood

Hollywood is in a mellow yellow mood.

Disney is in negotiations for Bob Zemeckis to direct a remake of the Beatles’ animated movie Yellow Submarine. The studio is trying to obtain rights to 16 songs. It makes sense: the Beatles are about to get hotter than ever thanks to the impending release of Beatles Rock Band. (I want it, I want it.)

Thompson on Hollywood

Besides, Zemeckis is always looking for good material for his performance capture movie deal at Disney. (Next up: the holiday movie A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey in five roles including Scrooge.) This could be an easy, easy sell. Especially with family animated movies, it’s all about parents taking their kids, so boomers are a good target here. But will it be a good movie? That comes later. (Remember, the original Yellow Submarine was second tier Beatles music and movie.)

Today I heard good word on Disney’s European vacation romantic comedy, When in Rome, directed by Mark Steven Johnson and starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. It’s the old coins in the fountain notion. She picks up coins, then she’s chased by several ardent suitors. Not one I would have picked out of a hat. Just passing on the word–besides, there happens to be a catchy new poster hitting the net today. And it’s yellow. It’s set for January 29, 2010.

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“Remember, the original ‘Yellow Submarine’ was second tier Beatles music and movie.”

While it’s true that the new material heard in the film was far from the band’s best (though I have a fondness for the silly “All Together Now”), the catalog songs — “Lucy in the Sky,” “Nowhere Man,” “All You Need is Love” and the title tune — were extremely well showcased. And the picture remains the best animated movie of the 1960s, and still holds up, I believe.

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