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Jolie Considering Wanted 2

Jolie Considering Wanted 2

Thompson on Hollywood

Right now, Universal Pictures needs a few good tentpoles, like Wanted 2. And right now they are sitting on pins and needles waiting for word to come back from Angelina Jolie, who is reading the new Wanted 2 script. Russian director Timur Bekmambetov has figured out a way to bring her ruthless assassin back from certain death in a sequel. But Jolie has to buy it first. And Universal will have to pay Jolie. She got $15 million last time. In a period when most movie star salaries are going down, hers is moving up.

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I thought the two best things about Wanted were #1 Jolie as a badass female action star (no one beats her in this genre) and #2 Tumir's direction and filming style. The script needed improvement (the loom was ridiculous). Tumir is signed on so only Jolie signing on now would make this movie worth seeing. She rejected a sequal proposal for Wanted 2 twice , hopefully she'll have a change if heart this time. It won't be the same without her.


“40% of Wanted’s audience were women…and they were there to see James McAvoy.”
‘Really???? Where did it come from?’

Agree that 40% figure is high, but he was definitely a draw for a large number of women in that audience. And that came from having watched him in Last King of Scotland, Atonement, State of Play (the series), Starter for 10, Shameless, Macbeth, Inside I’m Dancing, Becoming Jane, etc. The guy is a chameleon and endlessly interesting to watch.


There are some movies that you want to see continue as a franchise like the Bourne movies and then there are others where you say, “been there, done that”. Angie might get a good payday from doing, “Wanted 2” but she doesn’t need to for any reason you can come up with.


Angie is the best honestly I wouldn’t watch wanted 2 without her. She was the star in it. the movie would be nothing without her. I am glad she is coming back because I kinda liked the film overall even thought mostly her scenes it was a great movie and I liked the fact that she killed her self.

I want a third Tomb Raider Angie you own us one! you are where u are bacause of Lara!


“40% of Wanted’s audience were women…and they were there to see James McAvoy.”

Really???? Where did it come from?
I’m a woman, I was in the audience and I wasn’t there because of McAvoy…




Oh yeah more Jolie and g’bye punk McAvoy. Just as the director said he would not have a hit in Wanted if it wern’t for Angelina Jolie.
The chick is hot in action films. Been a fan of hers for many years.


And she worth every cent. Wanted 2 will be a flop without her. As a guy said elsewhere, she’s hot, she’s great and she’s Angelina Jolie. Bring her back! ASAP!


More Jolie action films! Less McAvoy in anything. In fact, ZERO McAvoy!

I was thinking recently of possible Jolie vehicles and I’d love to see a remake of THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT with her. I love the original, but I’d just like to see Jolie do it.

Also, a remake of SHOWGIRLS with Megan Fox in the Berkeley role and Jolie in the Gershon role. (And I DON’T love the original!) And Jason Statham in the Kyle McLachlan role, with a little kung fu added!


Well, I’d be there for McAvoy but whatever. Since she was the one who insisted that Fox die at the end of W1, she should cut them some slack in finding a way for her to come back. Either way, I hope she decides quickly so McAvoy could do Redford’s “Conspirators” this fall if she’s not coming back.

Kathleen P.

So 60% were male NOT there to see James McAvoy. See how assumptions work. I remember reading an exit survey which showed a very high percentage were there to see Angelina Jolie. In fact, the biggest draw of Wanted was Jolie.

She really is about the only true female action star and that means something to females. I personally want to see more for my daughters’ sake as well as my own. The studio should give her whatever she wants.


40% of Wanted’s audience were women…and they were there to see James McAvoy.


I hope she has a rider in the contract that kills off James McAvoy in the first 10 minutes and introduces a new character (and an actor that isn’t cringeworthy).


Count me in too!!!! She carries the movie hands down!!! What a badass she is!!!!! Angie rules baby!!!!!!

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist

WANTED was only awesome because of HER. I love her so much. I will be lined up on the opening night of WANTED 2, as long as she’s the leading star of it.


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